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Q: What is Online Registration?

Online registration is the practice of allowing attendees to register for meetings and events online. The Online Registration System also allows registrants through Internet, to register. Premierevents allows to register for different events using online registration,it will show past events, current events and upcoming events. To register the registrants must fill the registration form before they submit their information.

Q: How can attendees register for an event?

Premierevents offers several options for event registration. registrants must select event that she/he want to attend,and after fill registation form. registrant must submit the information after reading terms and conditions and check on his/her personal email to confirm the registration.
After registration you will receive the confirmation email or email invitations, Details of the events will be send on submited email, The registrants can phone in or mail in registration information, which can then be manually entered into the software by the meeting or event organizer. Finally, premierevents.rw allows attendees to register on-site, as any computer, tablet or smart phones connected to the Internet.

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